How much should you pay for limo services?

Adding a limousine ride to your event is sure to add a dash of elegance, class, and luxury your guests will appreciate. Whether it’s for a sporting event, bachelor/bachelorette party, concert, or just playing the role of a high-end tourist, getting there with a cleveland limo service simply rocks. So you know a limo is the perfect accent for your event, but every company you talk to has different rates. How do you know you are spending wisely?

In most parts of the country, a six-person limousine will run between $65-$100 and hour. A vintage limo like a Rolls Royce will jump to $100-$300 an hour and a stretch Hummer (8-30 passengers) will cost between $150-$300 an hour. The reason for the large range in pricing is the type of options available in specific limos – such a wet bar, large video screen, and laser light shows. That being said, many limo companies offer package pricing for specific types of events, like proms and weddings. These packages will often offer significant savings and other amenities, like a “Just Married” sign and balloons and flowers.

 Questions to Ask?

Some limo companies allow their guests to smoke and drink, but others do not. Always ask ahead of time to avoid a misunderstanding, and keep in mind – even if the limo allows drinking, they will charge for spills and stains.

When do they start the clock? Some limo companies will start the clock when they pick you up while others start charging when the limo leaves the garage. Most limo companies will continue to charge you while they are waiting for you Рso a long wedding can get very expensive. Consider scheduling two limos Рone to pick up and deliver to the wedding, and another to pick up after the wedding to deliver to the reception. Consider  renting a limousine with a larger capacity than you require. Limo companies assume the average guest weighs 150 lbs, so a six passenger limo can get quite cramped with six full grown adults.

Other Costs to Consider

Some companies will charge a separate fee for stops along the route (typically $15-30). This is a “soft charge” and can often be negotiated. Factor in a tip for your driver of between 10%-20%. Some companies will automatically include it in the cost of the ride, while others do not. With the current high price of gas, many limousine companies responded with a fuel surcharge. Ask before so there aren’t any surprises on your statement. Most companies charge in 15 minute increments rather than rounding up or down an entire hour. If you need to keep a driver over schedule, keep in mind the overtime charges of approximately $150-$300 an hour.

Ask for specifics about the limousine you are renting – the model, make, and year of the limousine often dictate the hourly prices. A lower rental rate may sound attractive until you find out how old the limousine is. The web is making it easier to know exactly what you are renting ahead of time – if possible, check out your specific vehicle on the web before committing to the rental contact.