Freedom 2 GO Guide To Hiring a Limo Service

a great limo

The limo service Cleveland Ohio industry is like any other – filled with mostly great, hard working and service-oriented companies, but mixed in with a few bad apples. So who do you filter out the not-so-great providers and find the perfect limo service for your event?

Check the Web

If a limo service has been around for a while, chances are it has earned a few online reviews. To check, enter the business name into Google and add “reviews” at the end. Another great resource is Keep in mind, people are most likely to enter a review on the web when they are dissatisfied –  and almost all businesses make mistakes. The different today is that those mistakes are often documented on the web forever.

Years in Business

The length of time a limo service has been in business is a reflection of their quality of service and affordability. Because almost anyone can enter the business with very little training or capital, it is an often crowded market. Look for those providers that have been in business for over five years. Longevity is often an indication that they are doing something right!

License & Professional Associations

By law, every limo service needs to have a state-issued license number in order operate legally. The NLA is a nationwide association of limo providers, and membership is an indication of professionalism and commitment to the trade.


Don’t assume your limo driver has adequate insurance – and don’t be afraid to ask! Smaller limos such as Town Cars need at least $750,000 in liability coverage. Larger limos that carry eight passengers or more are required to have 1.5 million in coverage.

Go Take a Look

It never hurts to stop by and take a look at the limo itself. If the limo you’re interested in isn’t there when you arrive, ask to take a look at a similar model or for pictures. How does the office look? The type of customer service you receive in the office will often indicate the level of service you will see in your driver.

Tip Your Driver

While most limo services now charge 15%-20% for the driver’s gratuity automatically, it pays to ask about this on your initial inquiry. If its not included, be sure to find a way to tip your driver appropriately – they depend on your generosity.

Hours of Operation

Most limo services operate around the clock. While they might not accept a new dispatch at 2:00AM, someone should in the office round the clock to handle breakdowns, accidents, etc.

Driver Screening

It’s now the law – all limo drivers in the US are screened for drugs and must pass a physical. What’s not required is a criminal background check. Ask your potential limo service if their drivers have passed this kind of test before agreeing to use the service.

Fleet Size

While the number of limos a service has in inventory doesn’t necessarily reflect on service quality, it may be an indicator of their relative success. Smaller companies tend to focus on consumers and airport transfers while larger fleets often handle corporate clients.